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STEEL VALLEY BREW WORKS in the Southern Park Mall, 7401Market Street, Boardman, Ohio, Presents POOBAH on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th, 2023 9pm Showtime. POOBAH CDs , Vinyl, Tshirts, Hats, Stickers, Posters, ,lots more available at the Show..

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Coming very soon 2LP, CD, Download of the next POOBAH Album, "Burning In the Rain" on Ripple Music California. Watch for this upcoming POOBAH Release.

play POOBAH on all Jukeboxes Nationwide. ..... POOBAH Song "Enjoy What You Have" is on HULU, now. It's in Nick Nolte Comedy Series , GRAVES Season 1, Episode 6 .GRAVES was Nominated for a Golden Globe

STEEL VALLEY BREW WORKS presents POOBAH , on Saturday, JANUARY 13, 2024 9pm. ...Located in the Southern Park Mall 7401 Market Street, Boardman, Ohio

Get your POOBAH Vinyl, CDs, Tshirts, Hats, Stickers, Guitar Picks, more, at all Shows, or Message Us

Hey WHEELING, West Virginia, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 3rd, 2024, WATERFRONT MUSIC HALL Presents POOBAH 8pm, at 1230 Water Street, Wheeling, WV 26003

POOBAH Tshirts, Vinyl, CDs, Hats, Stickers, Guitar Picks, more available at the Show

POOBAH Live at GATORS Pub, 109 Second Street, Marietta, Ohio , FEBRUARY 10th, 2024 8pm

Come party with the POOBAH . Hey, get ...Poobah get your Poobah ! Tshirts, CDs, Vinyl, Hats, Stickers, more on Sale at the Show, or Message us here...

POOBAH Stuff can be Ordered by Email : discrock@yahoo.com  We will give you the latest info ,if you Email Us

WESTSIDE BOWL Mahoning Ave. Youngstown,Ohio Presents POOBAH Saturday, February 24th, 2024 8pm

Come get some POOBAH. Tshirts, Hats, Vinyl, CDs, Stickers, Guitar Picks, More available at the Show or Message Us here.

POOBAH LIve at DAY PARTY 3 @ VFW 806 Grace St. Mansfield, Ohio Friday, November 10th. 1pm. Comedian at 11am Fish Fry following Poobah Performance. $1 Beer

POOBAH Merch Available at the Show!

Hello you guys and gals! It's good to have you here , in Poobahland ... Order any POOBAH stuff by Sending Us an EMAIL at discrock@yahoo.com

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POOBAH live at The BARN Zanesville, Ohio Saturday JULY 16th, 2022... 8pm Outside

Live POOBAH "Guitar Power"

Poobah has played thousands of shows and played 12 Times at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

AVAILABLE NOW!!! 2 Record Set of POOBAH "Let Me In" Reissue, released by California Record Label Ripple Music...Get a copy from the band , right here,by Emailing us at discrock@yahoo.com

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