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Rockin' new CD from POOBAH

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Tie Dye Tshirts are $30  

We also have POOBAH Guitar Picks,  Stickers, Rocks , Pins, Badges, Posters, 8x10 Promo Photos, Key Chains, more.

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WHITE or BLACK POOBAH Vinyl 2LP of "Let Me In" now available

Limited Edition Collectors 2LP in White or Black Vinyl.

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A beautiful Reissue, with a whole album's worth of Bonus Tracks!

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$15 Each/ 2018 Release of NEW POOBAH CD "Blue" ! Get your copy of maybe the best POOBAH album yet!

Over 70 Minutes of wild guitar and powerful songs, with excellent lyrics. shining on in this great collection of all new songs , written by Founder/Guitarist/ Singer Jim Poobah Gustafson.

Years of songwriting, playing live shows, rocking in the studio, and ripping up the guitar neck, show up on this powerful album of cool songs. You'll love the songs, and will listen over and over to these excellent new Poobah creations. $15 for CD ,plus shipping.


USA Shipping $4


USA Shipping $5


Peace Farmers


A really long Poobah CD stuffed full of great songs from Jim "Poobah" Gustafson. More than 71 minutes long that features alot of wild guitar work and imaginative lyrics. Includes a song about reincarnation called "86 times". There is enough guitar on this album for twenty albums. If you love rockin' guitars you will absolutely love this. A great collection of guitar rock that just smokes!

We take PAYPAL  $15 (plus Shipping CD is $5 in USA)


USA Shipping $5


OR  To ORDER ,  You can also send an EMAIL to:  discrock@yahoo.com    We will CONTACT you .

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More than 70 minutes of great rock music. Driven by the powerful guitar work of Jim "Poobah" Gustafson. 


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Peace Farmers on Itunes


A fantastic collection of great rock songs, that our fans keep praising. We like it too, and so will you. More than 70 mins of powerful, hard rockin' guitar blasters. This album also contains deep lyrical content that will really speak to you. Seriously, you should own this album, it is a wonderful musical experience. Guitarist Jim Gustafson recorded with Jimi Hendrix's bassist Billy Cox years ago, and this album just feels and sounds like no other. 


USA Shipping $5

You can also EMAIL us at discrock@yahoo.com to order your copy!

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For a Compact Disc order, Email disrock@yahoo.com with order information. We accept PayPal or Postal Money Order.

The Paypal payment address is delablue@yahoo.com

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Let Me In


Winner of the Rolling Stone magazine's Top 10 album of the year list. CD contains 12 bonus tracks from the same time period as the album. This album was also chosen by Goldmine Magazine for pick of the year. Also chosen by Classic Rock Magazine in Europe for the readers choice issue with Rush, ACDC, and Ozzy Osbourne. For those who love crunchy guitars and wild drums and bass, this album is a must have! The original vinyl record sells for an average of $1000 USD. Which is why the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Goldmine magazine called Poobah "the most collectible psych rock band in the world". (2 Record Vinyl Collectors Set is  availabvle at discrock@yahoo.com  Ask for shipping price to your Country.) We take PAYPAL and VENMO. We also take Money order or Check, but Checks must wait to clear before Shipping to you. All other methods go right out.

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For a Compact Disc order, Email disrock@yahoo.com with order information. We accept PayPal or Postal Money Order.

The Paypal payment address is delablue@yahoo.com

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Furious Love

Great rock music !

Poobah album from the late 90's and early 2000's, full of powerful guitar work and excellent songs. More than 74 minutes of great rockin' Poobah. There are some wild songs on this album, nothing short of a fun trip to Poobahband. The lyrics will entertain all audiences. If you are a music lover you need this album. Order now for a great experience!!


USA Shipping $5


Furious Love on Itunes!!


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Wizard Of Psych


  Over 74 minutes of killer, no filler, guitar powered excellence. A wide variety of songs that will envelope you into pyschedelia, giving you an almost dream like experience. You will listen to these songs over and over again. If you love guitar powered rock, then this album is for you. Yes there is a lot of great guitar solos for the rockin' fans, who have got to have their Poobah. GUITAR POWER!

Anyone who loves nicely crafted rock songs is gonna love this! A great listening experience!

ORDER by sending an EMAIL to discrock@yahoo.com


USA Shipping $5


Shipping is $5 in USA for up to 3 CDs

Wizard of Psych on Itunes!!


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Legendary Album

Contains the amazing "Jump Thru the Golden Ring" and the namesake "Steamroller" which will mow you flat. This album has been called one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. Bonus edition contains 30 minutes of extra songs, many live. Prepare to be Steamrolled with some great vocals and music. Your collection is incomplete without this great classic rock album.


USA Shipping $5



It is also available on download now on intunes! heres the link- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/steamroller/id292791562

Steamroller on Itunes!


For a Compact Disc order, Email disrock@yahoo.com with order information. We accept PayPal or Postal Money Order.

The Paypal payment address is delablue@yahoo.com

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POOBAH "Live At The Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"

$15 Each, POOBAH rolls and rocks it's way thru this powerful set ,recorded live at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, at the Goldmine National Record Show. Founder/Guitarist/Vocalist Jim Poobah Gustafson leads his band thru some choice songs from the large Poobah catalog of songs. A mix of decades  of Poobah songs, providing an interesting collection of live rockin' guitar rock. Recorded in August 2004 Cleveland ,Ohio.

Poobah currently holds the World Record for most shows played at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 12 times. Get your POOBAH We take PAYPAL, Venmo, Money orders

OR just send an EMAIL to Order to discrock@yahoo.com

CDs by Poobah



CDs are $15 (Plus $5 Shipping for Up to 3 CDs)


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